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Kenneth Lozes – Outstanding Graduate

Kenneth LozesKenneth Lozes
B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering
Graduated from Washington High School in Phoenix, Arizona

Lozes was in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) aircraft design club at ASU that designs, builds and flies a radio-controlled aircraft to compete in the SAE Heavy Lift Competition. He was the composite structures and aerodynamics team lead, and led the wing design and fabrication effort this year for the project, helping to build an eight-foot foot wing prototype that improved on the wing the club built last year. He also worked with the Orbital Sciences company (now Orbital ATK), where he learned about the engineering of space launch vehicles. He was awarded the ASU Provost’s Scholarship and made the Dean’s List every semester.

What led you to choose to study engineering and to decide on the specific major you chose?
I grew up fascinated by the idea of living in space, like in all the science fiction shows I watched, and I always loved going to aerospace museums and air shows, and even reading all technical books about fighter jets that my father would bring home for me. So I think I kind of chose aerospace engineering a long time before I went to college.

What has been most rewarding about your undergraduate years at ASU? What has been most challenging?
The most rewarding experience has been working at the Engineering Tutoring Center, where I am one of lead tutors. I have really enjoyed helping students understand all the fundamental engineering concepts. In addition, the deep understanding of these concepts I have gained over the years has helped tremendously in applying them to my higher-level classes as well as real-world problems.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to continue going to school to earn a master’s degree in the 4+1 program, focusing on studying the engineering of propulsion systems for high-speed aerial vehicles and rockets. I would like to be part of making access to outer space much safer and more economical. My dream would be to start a company to develop a propulsion system to do just that.

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