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Faces of Fulton: Stephen Belikoff

Stephen Belikoff

Stephen Belikoff

Stephen Belikoff got to do the squirrel dance at E2 to reclaim his water bottle, which he swore he left on his bed. “E2 camp made me feel more like an engineer and less like a student/teenager. Teams were given tasks that no single member of the group could carry out on their own. I liked that in order to succeed, a conjoint effort needed to be made.”

Bellikoff is a freshman in biomedical engineering from Mendham, New Jersey, “a small town in northern New Jersey with wicked-high property taxes and a pretty solid school system.” 

He wants to build new kinds of prosthetics. “It’s been a dream of mine since I was a freshman in high school to help people who can’t be helped right now.” 

In high school, Stephen took advanced calculus and physics, but thinks he should have done more hands-on experiences, like the robotics club and the Science Olympiad. He’s also regretting not taking that anatomy class.

Most challenging class this year: “Might be chemistry. It has three parts: a lecture, a lab, and a recitation, which I can only infer involves more work than courses that are only comprised of a single part.” 

Most looking forward to: “Each and every day. My parents and the college graduates in my family have each told me that college is an experience, not just another four years of school. But to be perfectly honest with you, I still have absolutely no idea what that means. So, I guess what I am most looking forward to is figuring out what the college experience means to me.”

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