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Faces of Fulton: Quintin Willekens

Quintin Willekens

Quintin Willekens

Quintin Willekens, a freshman in aerospace engineering from Peoria, says his favorite thing about E2 was meeting “amazing” fellow students, faculty and volunteers. “I can start my time at ASU already apart of a close-knit community that expands beyond the classroom.”

One day, he hopes to work at NASA. “I’ve always been fascinated with space. The things engineers have built run the world. I want to explore how what we have here can be used out in the universe.”

In high school, he designed and lead STEM activities for elementary school students, and participated in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community, taking online classes and visiting MIT for lectures, workshops, tours, and other activities.

Classes he’s looking forward to: Introduction to Exploration. One to prep for: Calculus 3. “I have not taken a calc class in more than two years, so the initial period of relearning past concepts will surely prove to be a challenge.”

Biggest inspiration: “My older brother. He has given me a love of life that revolves around learning, exploring, and simply experiencing the world for everything it can offer. It has inspired me to pursue my interests with my entire being and allowed me to develop into the person I am now.”

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