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Engineering is a team sport

Two ASU teams bring home honors from the Associated Schools of Construction regional student competition

Eight student teams from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering competed in the Associated Schools of Construction regional student competition in Reno, Nev., in spring 2011. Two ASU teams were chosen for honors (first and third place) among the over 1,200 students that participated.

First place, project risk category: the ASU team was tasked with determining project risk for a 68,000 square-foot building located in a downtown area.

Third place, design build category: the ASU team had to submit a proposal for an 1,100 vehicle parking structure connected to a casino.

Team Freebee members Chris Workman, Ramya Baratam and Louis Tse

National Health Data Challenge winners

Engineering and nursing students joined forces in a competition sponsored by the Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Engineering, with two teams taking home honors.

The focus theme of the Health Data Collegiate Challenge was “Go Viral to Improve Health.” Student teams were expected to create social-networking, mobile or web-based applications that spread data to increase public awareness of health issues.

Team Freebee took second place with their application, which was designed to spread awareness on college campuses about health risks such as alcoholism, smoking, unsafe sex, drug use and campus safety issues.

The group was comprised of members from three different fields: nursing student Jennifer Burkmier, computer science student Ramya Baratam, and engineering students Louis Tse, Chris Workman and Jane Lacson.

Third place was awarded to Team IMPAct. This group of engineering students, Tania Santamaria Lyon, Taylor Barker, Edgar Sanchez, Eric Kern and nursing student Jennifer Jost, developed a web-based interactive planner to track medical appointments.

Formula SAE gets development grant

The Formula SAE team at ASU was one of two teams awarded the William R. “Bill” Adam Formula SAE Vehicle Development grant by SAE International.

Daedalus team in the winner’s circle again

The Daedalus team took second place in the drag race to 10,000 feet at the LDRS event—with a rocket that traveled well beyond the mark, and was one of the fastest to reach it.

ASU’s first iGEM team receives bronze medal

A multidisciplinary group of students formed ASU’s first team to enter the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM), the premier undergraduate synthetic biology competition.

The team came away with a bronze medal.

Their inaugural project sought to develop a modular platform for gene manipulation.

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