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Ashley Krueger — Distinguished Service Award

Ashley Krueger Distinguished Service Award

Ashley Krueger

Ashley Krueger
B.S.E. in Computer Systems Engineering
Graduated from Horizon High School, Scottsdale, Arizona
Originally from Phoenix, Arizona

Ashley Krueger began her ASU journey as a biomedical engineering major, but after a few turnabouts, she landed where she was “meant to be” all along — a computer systems engineer heading off to work for American Express this fall.

“I knew before I even got to orientation that my mom’s dreams of medical school were not in the cards for me,” Krueger says. “I ended up switching into mechanical engineering because I knew that I was good at math and science and all my teachers told me I should be an engineer. Once I started taking classes my freshman year, I realized I enjoyed programming and ended up switching my major (once again) to computer systems engineering, and that major finally stuck with me.”

Despite the directional shifts, Krueger hasn’t strayed too far from family traditions — her late grandfather, Seymour Licht, Ph.D., was an ASU engineering professor, her brother Douglas was a 2009 ASU computer science grad, and her parents are both ASU grads who’ve retired from American Express.

Krueger was an undergraduate teaching assistant (UGTA) and section leader for computer science and engineering and probability and statistics courses for four semesters, and filled the extra moments of her college career with baking (“It’s how I relieve stress”), singing with the Barrett, the Honors College Choir, volunteering and mentoring.

She became a Computing, Informatics, and Decision Engineering (CIDSE) mentor “in order to become more involved and feel more connected with my major,” she explains. In addition, she worked for the engineering tutoring centers at ASU during her junior and senior years. “I have solidified my knowledge through helping others. Not only has it been a rewarding experience, it has also forced me to not forget things that I learned in lower level course work.”

The most rewarding thing about Krueger’s undergraduate experience was her internship at American Express last summer, and then ultimately receiving the full-time offer she accepted at the end of her internship. “Working there proved that I not only made the right decision to change my major, but also justified all the hard work I have put in while at ASU. Many of the skills I have learned while here were instrumental to my internship success.“

The professor that was the most influential for Krueger was Senior Lecturer Mutsumi Nakamura from CIDSE. “I had Professor Nakamura for four classes and she is an advisor for Women in Computer Science (WCS). She has been one of the most willing professors to work with students to make sure they succeed,” explains Krueger. “In addition, her work with WCS has been instrumental to the success of the programming competition this year. She has always made me feel like this major was right for me and been willing to take time out of her day to talk to students.”

As a member of the ASU Club WCS, Krueger served as social chair during her senior year. “I definitely stepped up my involvement in WCS this semester — probably my biggest achievement was working with the programming competition and helping to secure goody bag donations for the competitors. 

Because she missed the community service work she’d done in high school, Krueger joined Alpha Phi Omega, a coed national service fraternity that focuses on leadership, friendship and service. “After I graduate, I hope to remain involved with Alpha Phi Omega by helping another member get an Arizona alumni chapter started.”

Not surprising when you look at her accomplishments at ASU, Krueger says the most challenging thing about her undergraduate years has been keeping her life in balance. “Thanks to some amazing friends and my parents, who have always been a great support system for me, I made it through those stressful times relatively unscathed,” she says.

Krueger credits those friends for many rewarding experiences at ASU. “My most memorable moment really has not been a singular moment – but all the times that I met someone who will likely be a friend for the rest of my life,” she says. “My friends come from both inside and outside of engineering, thanks to all of the clubs I have been involved in. I can’t wait to see what we all do after graduation as we move in our own paths.”

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