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Ariel Blackman — Outstanding Undergraduate

Ariel Blackman Outstanding ASU Undergraduate

Ariel Blackman

Ariel Blackman
B.S. in Graphic Information Technology
Graduated from Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois
Originally from Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Ariel Blackman is a storyteller who uses photography and graphic design to weave her tales. “My super power in the world of design and photography is that I love to tell stories, whether that is through an infographic or the lens of my camera,” says the Graphic Information Technology (GIT) major. “I have two main loves: “Photography and graphic design. Being in the GIT program has enabled me to pursue both of those fields in depth.”

Because GIT isn’t fully an engineering program and focuses on both the creative and technical aspects of design, “The program has allowed me to grow in so many ways both inside and outside the program,” explains Blackman. “It has given me a good set of tools to go out into the world as prepared as I can be.”

Blackman’s role model is her father. “My entire life, I have been surrounded by design because my dad is a lighting designer,” she explains. “He enjoys looking at the world and trying to create light that will not only function, but also has a unique form that stands out in any room in which it’s placed.”

Once Blackman’s high school print media teacher introduced her to the world of graphic design and steered her toward the GIT program at the Polytechnic School, her ASU professors made her feel she’d made the right choice. “I cannot name one, she declares. “I have had a lot of mentors and professors along my journey that have helped me become the person and student I am.” She credits lecturer Chad Westover as not only being “kind and chill,” but also being an amazing advisor to the photo club. “He is always there to provide advice and ideas to help improve it.”

Each semester, Blackman has staged a showcase gallery event and orchestrated club photo field trips and participation in community events. “Each year the club has grown into a very fun, tight-knit, and very welcoming group,” she says. “We’re open to all skill levels and do our best to help anyone who is interested in photography become a better photographer.”

Working with the ASU Poly Photography Club also holds some of Blackman’s most memorable moments. “Our showcases with our members’ work is rewarding because I’m able to take a step back and enjoy all the hard work that went into the show and be proud of it all.”

The opportunity to study in Australia was a major life event, according to Blackman. ”Without a doubt, this changed everything for me,” she says. “To be able to take a semester to study in another country and then absolutely fall in love with the people and my surroundings is something that I wouldn’t give up for the world. In the six months I was there I was able to truly find myself again and be challenged by the work I was doing. I explored new places, met people from all over the world and experienced as much as I could.”

Blackman isn’t sure where she’s headed immediately after graduation, except back to Chicago for a while, and then perhaps off to grad school. “I ultimately hope to travel the world and continue to expand and explore my horizons with everything the world has to offer,” she says. “I hope to move to Australia and continue to do photography and graphic design, and capture the world through my lens. The world is a beautiful place; you just have to sift through all the bad that the media reports to see it.”

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