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4 places engineers can change the world over spring break

4 places engineers can change the world over spring break

Above: Engineering students are heading to destinations such as Cuba, Peru, the Dominican Republic and San Diego for ASU’s spring break, March 7–11, 2016. Photos :

Spring break should be all about beaches, sleep, the search for perfect weather, selfies, sleep, claiming “shotgun” on a road trip, catching up on laundry, sleep, binge-watching shows, sweatpants, swim suits and more sleep. Engineering students work hard all year long — no one is asking them to also change the world over spring break — but some engineering students are giving it a try anyways (they also plan to have some fun, too).

Read about the world-changing, or at least self-changing, ways that students in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering are spending their spring breaks in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Peru and San Diego this year:

Engineers take to Cuba and Peace Corps sites in the Dominican Republic

Three students are traveling to Caribbean countries as part of ASU’s new Global Intensive Experience (GIE) programming. Eric Arellano, a computer science freshman, is heading to Cuba for a close-up look at a country on the verge of increasing globalization. Brianna Celaya, a civil engineering junior, and Leslie Amaya, a construction management sophomore, will be sampling life as Peace Corps volunteers as they tour projects led by current Peace Corps volunteers in the Dominican Republic. GIE programs pair a week-long study abroad with the option of taking a coordinated spring semester course. Arellano describes the format as taking a class that includes “the best field trip in the world.” Read more

Students return to Peruvian orphanage to continue improving quality of life

A team of students from GlobalResolve Club are heading back to Azul Wasi, an orphanage in Cusco, Peru, for the third consecutive year. This year the team will be setting up an off-grid solar panel system to meet the orphanage’s energy needs. On previous trips, the group set up a greenhouse and an aquaponics system to provide food and income for the orphanage. “It’s been the single biggest achievement in my academic career,” said Andrew Fuentes, president of the GlobalResolve Club and environmental engineering senior, of the work in Peru. “It’s provided me the priceless opportunity to enact the change I want to see in the world.” Read more

Fulton Schools students spend a solar-powered spring break in San Diego

Eleven students in the Professional Science Master’s Solar Energy Engineering and Commercialization program are installing solar panels as part of Solar Spring Break for their second year. The spring break outreach program from GRID Alternatives gives participating students a hands-on experience in solar energy and provides low-income families access to renewable energy and its cost-saving benefits when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or access it. “It has become a legacy endeavor in our program,” said graduate student Tomasz Jasinski. “Everyone who went says it’s so rewarding.” Read more

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