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Featured Graduates of Fall 2018

about 30 graduates with

At the end of each spring and fall semester, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering takes time to recognize some of the graduating class for their outstanding commitments to both academics and the Fulton Schools at large.

Students selected as Outstanding Graduates are honored for their exemplary academic performance. To qualify, they must graduate with a minimum 3.40 GPA and have participated in major-specific or Fulton Schools activities. Students receiving an IMPACT Award have been singled out for their contributions to the Fulton Schools community in leadership, volunteer and service roles. Recipients must graduate with a minimum 3.25 GPA and display evidence of their positive impact on the community.

These exceptional students have excelled in research, community service, entrepreneurship and outreach, leaving a lasting and beneficial impact on the Fulton Schools community, Arizona and around the world. Many of these graduates have served as extraordinary representatives of ASU through industry internships, volunteer efforts or as ambassadors to communicate the mission of the Fulton Schools and the university as a whole.

Read about some of the Fulton Schools’ exceptional graduates of fall 2018 below.

Outstanding Graduates

portrait of Nicholas Akkerman

Nicholas Akkerman

Almost as far back as he can remember, Nicholas Akkerman was drawn to mathematics and liked discovering how things are designed and built, especially homes.

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portrait of Ian Cervantes

Ian Cervantes

Ian Cervantes decided to stay relatively close to home to study human systems engineering, a branch of engineering that focuses on people and their behavior.

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Portrait of Sylvia Faszczewski

Sylvia Faszczewski

Growing up, Sylvia Faszczewski had an affinity for math and hands-on projects. These skill sets drew her to the field of engineering.

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portrait of Derrick Gilbert

Derrick Gilbert

After six years away from school to serve his country, Derrick Gilbert knew he wanted to pursue a degree in electrical engineering.

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portrait of George “Jeff” Heinzelman

George “Jeff” Heinzelman

After 25 years in the financial services industry, George “Jeff” Heinzelman decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree and broaden his professional acumen.

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portrait of Thu Hoang

Thu Hoang

Thu Hoang knew from a young age that she wanted to be an engineer, even though what an engineer actually did wasn’t exactly clear to her.

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portrait of Raveena John

Raveena John

Early on, Raveena John learned that people with lowest carbon footprints live in cities, where populations are the densest. Since then, she has been fascinated by the urban environment and its effect on people and nature.

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portrait of Julia Liu

Julia Liu

Julia Liu always knew she would pursue engineering, as math and science were her best subjects in school. She chose computer science as her major because it also included “some element of creativity.”

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portrait of Eric Mannix

Eric Mannix

Eric Mannix’s desire to help others has been clear throughout his time at Arizona State University. From selecting his major to his extracurricular activities, Mannix’s proclivity for leadership and problem-solving led him to not only excel in mechanical engineering, but to support others along the way.

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portrait of Richard Mortensen

Richard Mortensen

Richard Mortensen is proud to be accomplishing his goal of earning a degree in engineering, but returning to college and managing his time with a family of four children was challenging.

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portrait of Ioana Mihalcescu

Ioana Raluca Mihalcescu

Ioana Raluca Mihalcescu was initially drawn to engineering because of her father, who is a petroleum engineer. She also appreciated the field’s diversity and its potential to directly impact communities.

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portrait of Luke Oldham

Luke Oldham

If Luke Oldham had one superpower, it’d be the ability to touch any book and absorb all the...

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portrait of Philip Sitterle

Philip Sitterle

Philip Sitterle says the most rewarding experiences of his undergraduate education “have also been some of the most challenging.”

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portrait of Michaela Starkey

Michaela Starkey

Michaela Starkey has spent a significant portion of her undergraduate experience striving to make a difference in the lives of people inside and outside classroom.

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portrait of Philip Thomas

Philip Thomas

Philip Thomas has always enjoyed solving problems and engineering allows him to have a hands-on problem-solving experience.

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portrait of Daniel Travis

Daniel Travis

For Daniel Travis, the opportunity to give back to the community is one he cherishes.

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portrait of Janice Wallace

Janice Wallace

Janice Wallace has long been a fan of video games. That gaming background helped her realize software engineering was what she was meant to do.

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portrait of Zoë Wright

Zoë Wright

As a little girl, Zoë Wright’s father would take her to the airport café for breakfast before church. And that’s when she began to fall in love with airplanes and aviation.

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portrait of Kathryn White

Kathryn White

A spur-of-the-moment decision to apply for a study-abroad opportunity — only a week before the deadline — led Kathryn White to spend a semester in Brighton, England. And there, she says, “I found my love and passion.”

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Impact Award Winners

portrait of Molly Baker

Molly Baker

Molly Baker grew up dreaming about working for Disney. She was always intrigued by the attractions and the mechanisms that brought them to life.

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portrait of Jayden Booth

Jayden Booth

Inspired by the movies Star Wars and Star Trek, Jayden Booth often envisioned himself building robots like R2-D2 or creating a spaceship like the USS Enterprise.

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portrait of Francisco Brown-Muñoz

Francisco Brown-Muñoz

When Francisco Brown-Muñoz received the Sonoran Academic Excellence Scholarship he chose to attend the Arizona university with the best-ranked engineering school.

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portrait of Jacob Chapman

Jacob (Jake) Chapman

One of the most meaningful things Jake Chapman learned in college is the joy to be found in helping others to learn.

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portrait of Matt W. Davis

Matt W. Davis

An Arizona State University Experience Day during his senior year of high school led Matt W. Davis to attend ASU.

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portrait of Tremayne Holland

Tremayne Holland

After serving in the United States Navy as an in-flight avionics technician aboard P-3C Orion aircraft, Tremayne Holland decided he wanted to head back to school.

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portrait of Katelyn Kline

Katelyn Kline

From clubs and organizations to research and community service, Katelyn Kline has had no shortage of experiences as an undergraduate and graduate student at Arizona State University.

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portrait of Tyrine Jamella Pangan

Tyrine Jamella Pangan

Tyrine Pangan’s family moved to the United States from the Philippines, their native country in Southeast Asia, when she was a child.

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portrait of Trae Waggoner

Trae Waggoner

After learning how to code in high school, Trae Waggoner discovered what she enjoyed most is the logic of coding.

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portrait of Nathanael Zuniga

Nathanael Zuniga

Not every student arrives to college knowing exactly what they want to do, or having identified an...

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Dean's Dissertation Award Winners

portrait of Karthik Subramaniam Pushpavanam

Karthik Subramaniam Pushpavanam

Karthik Subramaniam set out to solve a problem that had never been attempted before. He just didn’t know what that problem was.

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portrait of Suhang Wang

Suhang Wang

Social media’s explosive growth and expanding global reach have given it the power to shape not only communications but societal relationships and dynamics.

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Convocation Speakers

portrait of Danh Truong

Danh Truong

With interests in biology and engineering, biomedical engineering was a clear choice of program for Danh Truong, a first-generation student completing his doctorate at Arizona State University.

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