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Engineering students’ entrepreneurship ventures featured at Arizona Science Center


Members of G3Box are pictured in a mobile medical care facility they made from a steel shipping container. From left to right are Clay Tyler, Gabrielle Palermo and Susanna Young. (Not pictured is member Billy Walters.) Photo: Jessica Slater/ASU

Posted April 19, 2013

Two ventures that emerged from student efforts in the Engineering Projects in Community Service program in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering are featured in a new Arizona Science Center exhibit. It focuses on research and entrepreneurial endeavors by Arizona State University students and faculty.

The exhibit spotlights the work of engineering students involved in the G3Box and SafeSIPP business startups.

G3Box (G3 for Generating Global Good) is converting steel shipping containers into mobile medical clinics to use in response to natural disasters or in places with limited access to health facilities.

Susanna Young is CEO of G3Box. Young earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from ASU. The G3Box team also includes Gabrielle Palermo, who will graduate from ASU this spring with a degree in biomedical engineering at ASU; Clay Tyler, who earned bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from ASU; and Billy Walters, a recent ASU mechanical engineering graduate.


The student entrepreneurs behind the venture called SafeSIPP are (left to right) Lindsay Fleming, Jacob Arredondo, Taylor Barker and Jared Schoepf. Photo: Jessica Slater/ASU

The SafeSIPP  (Sustainable Innovative Portable Purification) startup is developing a system for communities in remote parts of the world that transports and purifies water simply and simultaneously in a recycled industrial barrel. As the barrel is rolled from a water source to a community, the purification system removes disease-causing contaminants.

The SafeSIPP team consists of ASU chemical engineering students Lindsay Fleming, Taylor Barker and Jared Schoepf, and ASU business major Jacob Arredondo, The venture is featured as s part of a larger display on water-related research and innovation.

Visit the first floor of the Science Center to see the exhibits on G3Box and SafeSIPP.

The exhibit is presented through a partnership of ASU and the Arizona Science Center launched in 2012.

To learn more about the Arizona Science Center-ASU partnership, visit

Written by Allie Nicodemo, ASU Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development

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