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Impact Award, Fall 2018

Trae Waggoner

After learning how to code in high school, Trae Waggoner discovered what she enjoyed most is the logic of coding.

“I like a challenge,” Waggoner said. “I have also always had a passion for mathematics, which helped me steer toward my major.”

She chose to study computer science and earned several scholarships, including the Provost’s Award, the Obama Scholarship and the Tempe Diablos Scholarship, to help support her studies at ASU.

Waggoner participated in the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative, known as FURI, in the spring and fall of 2018, choosing education technology and mobile app development as her research interests.

At the FURI symposium, she presented an original prototype of an iOS app to aid in teaching algebra, a subject essential to engineering.

She also worked as an activity leader at a before-and-after school program in Tempe and became a role model for children, whom she believes will be the most influential group in shaping the future.

“I dream of becoming an educator and entrepreneur and creating a career that positively affects future generations and our planet,” said Waggoner.

She has a passion for activism on issues such as LGBTQ equality, plant-based living and global warming, and got involved in campus activities to advocate for those causes.

“My motivation for joining groups at ASU like Rainbow Coalition and VegOut stem from my stance on the importance of social justice, activism and self-acceptance,” Waggoner said.

After graduation, Waggoner plans to pursue a master’s degree in computer science with a concentration in the media, engineering and the arts. On the side, she enjoys getting crafty and decorating for any holiday.

“I will spend days decorating and getting very artsy with my designs,” Waggoner said. “I love to create spaces that take us out of our everyday routines and inspire us to appreciate each season of life.”

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