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Grand Challenges Scholar, Spring 2024

Sushrut Ghosal

Sushrut Ghosal was drawn to Arizona State University because of shared goals in sustainability and generating technology solutions for social impact. He chose to study computer science because of the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and the ability to “innovate at the intersection of human and machine capabilities.”

“Computer science is intriguing for its blend of logical problem-solving with creative innovation,” says Ghosal, who is earning his bachelor’s degree from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU. “It is also an ever-growing field and I get to learn something amazing every day.”

As part of the Grand Challenges Scholars Program, Ghosal focused his work on the grand challenges theme “joy of living” by automating processes to improve people’s lives in sustainable ways. 

In his first year, Ghosal participated in the Engineering Projects in Community Service program, known as EPICS, to help develop an app to support young people’s mental health in the Hopi community. 

As a sophomore in the Interdisciplinary Applied Learning Lab, Ghosal helped plan a science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, or STEAM, museum for children. 

He won first place in a hackathon hosted by the Women in Computer Science club his junior year. 

Ghosal’s senior-year capstone project focused on using machine learning to help track athletes’ health and enhance their performance.

An internship at Intel was one of Ghosal’s most formative experiences as an undergraduate student for the opportunities it provided him to expand his knowledge about generative artificial intelligence, large language models and machine learning. 

“I contributed to increasing task efficiency within the department through the development of several features in a chatbot and had the honor of sharing my work and insights by authoring a paper that will be presented at an Intel conference for tech enthusiasts,” he says. “This journey humbly enriched my knowledge and skill set, pushing me to continuously learn and grow in this ever-evolving field.”

After graduation, Ghosal will continue his internship at Intel while completing a master’s degree in computer science through the Accelerated Master’s degree program. 

The idea that “knowledge is wealth” has guided Ghosal to see engineering as a journey driven by curiosity.

“By embracing this mindset, we not only enrich our own lives, but also contribute to the collective advancement of humanity, turning the pursuit of knowledge into an invaluable treasure,” he says. “That is what makes engineering fun.”

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