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Outstanding Graduate, Spring 2024

Ryan Bastuba

Ryan Bastuba’s entrepreneurial mindset began during his childhood with lemonade stands and persisted into high school with the establishment of an e-commerce venture. Consequently, pursuing a degree in technological entrepreneurship and management with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering appeared to be the logical progression for Bastuba’s career. 

“I came to Arizona State University because I was interested in attending a large university that would expose me to a large network of resources.” Bastuba says.

Having an array of opportunities to contribute to his professional development is what initially captured his attention.

A student of Barrett, The Honors College, Bastuba’s thesis is a memorable project called SnackHax, a company that sells snacks for various scenarios such as going to the gym or class.  

Bastuba appreciates the fact that many of his classes include hands-on projects that unveil growth opportunities to further his entrepreneurial development.

“Working in these teams has greatly improved my ability and interest to collaborate with others,”  Bastuba says.  

He credits Assistant Teaching Professor Aram Chomina-Chavez as being very impactful in helping him expand his business mindset and perspective on entrepreneurship and finance.

“Chavez teaches based on his personal experience and that is something htat is very valuable to me,” Bastuba says.

Bastuba’s biggest achievement has been his strong academic performance while growing his e-commerce business throughout all four years at ASU. He prides himself on being able to balance both his education and his business.  

Post-graduation, Bastuba plans to stay in Arizona and continue scaling his e-commerce company while starting new ventures.

His long-term goal is to create and develop a health and fitness company. 

“I think entrepreneurs are so important because they bring innovative projects to consumers, continuously aiming to improve their lives!” 

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