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Outstanding Graduate, Fall 2020

Rachel Scheller

Rachel Scheller came to Arizona State University as a President’s Award recipient — an award that covers four years of tuition and is given to outstanding first-year students pursuing academic excellence at ASU. But that alone didn’t sway her to attend ASU.

“I selected ASU because of the opportunities to complete the 4+1 bachelor’s and master’s degrees, “Scheller says. “It was the perfect match of minimizing the cost while attending an excellent academic program.”

Scheller, who excelled at math and science while attending Desert Vista High School in Ahwatukee, Arizona, has kept up that tradition at ASU. She is known as a high achiever in the classroom and a student mentor to her peers. 

Realizing she could inspire her classmates to push themselves further, Scheller joined the Fulton Schools of Engineering Tutoring Center three years ago, serving as an engineering tutor for the first year and later being promoted to lead engineering tutor. 

Scheller’s success wasn’t restricted to her academics. This go-getter was an active member of the Society of Women Engineers, Chi Omega Women’s Fraternity in Greek Life, a Fulton Ambassador, a camp counselor for E2, a member of the Eta Kappa Nu through IEEE, and worked as a mentor with the Engineering Futures Program helping first-year students.

One of Scheller’s greatest achievements was helping establish an ASU chapter of the Graduate Society of Women Engineers, or GradSWE. This has been a huge expansion for the organization and means Scheller is leaving her legacy on the ASU campus. 

“I have had the awesome experience of being involved in so many things on campus, “Scheller says. “I believe it is important to maintain a good balance in life – for every opportunity you receive, it is important to give one back to the community around you.”

Scheller will remain in the Tempe area as she moves on to graduate school at ASU specializing in mixed-signal and analog circuit design and will complete an internship over the summer with Texas Instruments as a product marketing intern. 

After graduating from the 4+1 program, the future is bright for Scheller who would like to be involved in the next medical innovation movement.

“My degree gives me endless opportunities to explore new ideas and push limits to make the world a better place,” Scheller says. “It is amazing when you stop and think about inventions that are now so commonplace, that were once groundbreaking. I cannot wait to be a part of that new world.”

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