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Impact Award, Fall 2020

Patric Bjotvedt

From almost the beginning of Patric Bjotvedt’s academic career at Arizona State University, he was all-in on his electrical engineering study path. He bravely took on the challenge of earning two degrees in five years and succeeded. 

In December 2019, Bjotvedt graduated magna cum laude from ASU with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Now, thanks to his hard work and access to the 4+1 program, he is graduating with his master’s degree just one year later.

A Phoenix native and the son of two ASU graduates, Bjotvedt was already leaning towards attending ASU when he began his college search. When he heard that the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering’s electrical engineering program was one of its more challenging degrees, he knew he wanted to be a part of it. 

Bjotvedt recalls pulling a late-night cramming session for his Very Large Scale Integration design class, when he came to the realization that what he was learning would one day change the world. That simple thought propelled him to excel in his studies and develop a deeper understanding of his field. 

Not only was the coursework exciting to Bjotvedt, but the high-quality faculty from whom he was learning made his experience all the more exceptional. He credits two professors with influencing him in the classroom and beyond. 

Associate Professor Jennifer Kitchen inspired him to look at his career options. 

“[Kitchen] taught Circuits 3 so well and made the class so interesting,” says Bjotvedt. “It changed my mind from going the signals route to focus my specialization on circuits instead.” 

Professor Yu Cao’s instruction left an indelible impression as well.

“His teaching style has been instrumental to my learning experience,” says Bjotvedt. “I would take any class that he taught.”

Armed with two great role models, Bjotvedt set out to help inspire his fellow electrical engineering students. In May 2019, he was hired as a tutor, focusing on beginning level digital design, circuits and amplifiers and signal processing theory courses. 

Less than a year later, Bjotvedt was promoted to lead electrical engineering tutor, a position that allowed him hands-on interactions with students and honed his management skills by running a tutoring team. 

Bjotvedt’s success wasn’t just reserved for campus activities. This past summer, he landed an internship with Raytheon Missiles & Defense and secured a position at Moog, Inc. after graduation.

Bjotvedt is ready to change the world through his new job here in the valley.

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