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Outstanding Graduate, Spring 2023

Parin Haresh Trivedi

As an international student, Parin Trivedi looked for a university that offered a diverse student body and a variety of opportunities to enhance his student experience.

“Arizona State University checked all the boxes,” Trivedi says.

He was sure he could make the most of his education by seizing opportunities to engage with his fellow students and develop his research abilities beyond coursework in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU.

As someone who was always passionate about science and math, Trivedi saw the field of aerospace engineering as an excellent opportunity to combine them and explore the variety of fields that closely relate to aerospace engineering. Most of all, he was excited by the potential to advance technology in the field.

“With every course I took and every project I was involved with, I always learned something new,” Trivedi says. “Every single day, I had that “aha!” moment through coursework or outside work, and this made me realize that I love what I do and made the right choice.”

Outside of coursework, he conducted research with mechanical and aerospace engineering Assistant Professor Mohamed Kasbaoui as part of the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative, or FURI. The project was titled, “Using Augmented Reality for CFD Visualizations,” an area of study Trivedi did not have previous experience in.

“Throughout the course of this project, I was stuck multiple times and was not sure how to proceed,” Trivedi says. “Dr. Kasbaoui always sat down with me and helped me brainstorm so that I could move forward.”

Following the project’s success, Kasbaoui invited Trivedi to travel with his research group to Indianapolis, where Trivedi presented a research poster at an American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics conference.

Trivedi also served as a deputy project manager for the NASA L’SPACE Mission Concept Academy program, where he led an interdisciplinary team of 12 students to develop robotic technology to explore Mars’ polar layered deposits. He further developed his mentoring abilities as a mechanical and aerospace engineering tutor and an undergraduate teaching assistant for two engineering courses. He says that these experiences burgeoned his confidence and his soft skills.

“Despite performing well in my classes, I was not always confident in applying my technical skills in a practical setting,” Trivedi says. “Through these research projects at school, projects at my internship and several applied experiences in my courses, I was able to find my true potential and interests.”

After graduation, he will travel to Bastrop, Texas, to complete a summer internship at The Boring Company, then return to ASU for one more year to attain his master’s degree through the Accelerated Master’s degree program.

Trivedi’s long-term career goal is to lead a team at a well-known space company to solve large problems in the fields of aerodynamics or propulsion.

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