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Outstanding Graduate, Spring 2023

Mitchell Bader

Mitchell Bader decided to switch his major halfway through his academic career in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, from computer science to human systems engineering. He felt the switch would enable him to “make the systems and things we interact with daily more useful, safe and enjoyable.”

Solidifying his decision further, Bader had an eye-opening moment while doing a research project. As he was working on a project that he didn’t have much experience in, he said “I unexpectedly found myself really enjoying it and because of that experience, along with some later projects, I gained a sense of what I really wanted to pursue following graduation.”

Bader plans to put his skills and experiences towards positively impacting the accessibility, transportation safety, virtual reality and gamification fields as a user researcher.

He believes that Associate Professor Rod Roscoe was instrumental in offering him the tools he needed to pursue a career he was passionate about.

“Having the opportunity to take four of my classes with Professor Roscoe was one of my favorite parts of studying human systems engineering at ASU,” Bader says. “He taught me how to foster the behaviors and traits of a lifelong learner and most of all, showed me how my work can leave a meaningful and positive impact on the world.”

Further, he says that Roscoe’s dedication to inclusion and diversity in his research and courses taught Bader how an engineer can contribute to social causes — something that he plans to lead with in the future.

In addition, Bader hopes to integrate sustainability efforts into his engineering career after hearing an inspirational story that a professor had shared with him.

“The professor developed a mass-produced toy he felt proud of, until he found one of these toys washed up on the shoreline at the beach and realized the consequences his work had on the environment,” Bader says. “It made me think about what kind of engineer I want to be and the legacy I want to leave behind.”

Bader says that it was a privilege to learn from truly remarkable people like these throughout his time at ASU and he will carry that wisdom and guidance with him forever.

“Engineering has had a profound effect on me by sharpening my critical and systems thinking skills,” Bader says. “Now, I view not only my work but the whole world in a new light.”

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