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Outstanding Graduate, Fall 2022

Kyrin Assawachawakul

When Kyrin Assawachawakul began his journey in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, he knew exactly what he wanted to pursue: a bachelor’s degree in graphic information technology for a career as a user interface/user experience, or UI/UX, designer.

“The graphic information technology program was perfect for my journey,” Assawachawakul says. “It provided many aspects of design and technology.”

While working on a group project, he says there was a particular moment when he knew he was on the right track at ASU.

“We completed one project over the course of a semester with different activities each week,” Assawachawakul says. “This prepared us for real-world workflow and collaboration and that’s when I realized I was ready for a job in this field.”

Assawachawakul, an honors student, excelled in academics and in exploring opportunities beyond the Fulton Schools.

In the classroom, Teaching Assistant Professor Kassidy Breaux encouraged him to be a better designer.

“All of the graphic information technology professors were instrumental to helping me grow as a student, but Professor Kassidy Breaux helped me see more ways to solve a problem,” Assawachawakul says.

Outside of the classroom, he was a grader in UX courses where he graded students’ work and offered mentorship. He also worked as a student front-end developer.

Assawachawakul says he used these experiences to put his best foot forward during his internships with Intel, The Weather Company and IBM.

As an IBM intern, Assawachawakul raised awareness of climate change with other interns through UI/UX experiments. He says that “the findings were surprising and led us to some solutions that could lead to positive action to slow the effects of climate change. That’s when I realized that being a designer can be impactful and meaningful to society.”

Following graduation, he will take all of his college experience with him to IBM in Atlanta, Georgia, as a visual designer and continue designing and creating better UX for products that impact the world.

Assawachawakul says he will also “use his designs to inspire other designers to do the same.”

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