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Impact Award, Spring 2020

Kyle Durrant

Kyle Durrant wanted to go into a health care profession but developed a particular interest in “building and creating things,” he says. That interest led him to the Fulton Schools biomedical engineering program. 

Among the highlights of his education in the field was being awarded a Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences Medical Physics Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

The award enabled Durrant to participate in a 10-week program at the Mayo Clinic Hospital campus in Phoenix, designed to introduce highly motivated undergraduate students to medical physics research.

“It gave me the opportunity to take the lead on my own research project and contribute to the work in the Mayo Clinic radiology department,” Durrant says. “I was exposed to a new field I was not familiar with by working closely with amazing medical physics experts.”

Another high point beyond the classroom involved his work over three years in the Fulton Schools tutoring center, including two years as the leader of the biomedical engineering tutoring team.

In that role, Durrant was able to help the center double the number of tutors and provide twice as many students help with their studies.

The expansion included adding several biomedical engineering tutors, which drew a significant number of additional students to the center.

Durrant says his primary goal has always been to have a career that will make it possible for him to take care of his family — a wife and a five-month-old daughter.

He plans to stay in Arizona and find a position with a medical engineering company in the hope of “going to work every day and tackling a challenge,” he says.

“I like to push myself and stretch outside of my comfort zone. In the past, I’ve accomplished goals to finish marathons,” Durrant says. “Now I set goals to help myself grow as an engineer. This is the attitude I took into all my classes and internships.”

Durrant is in the Fulton Schools’ 4+1 accelerated graduate degree program. He received his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering in 2019 and is receiving his master’s degree this semester.

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