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Outstanding Graduate, Spring 2023

Kolby Feyen

Kolby Feyen attended Arizona State University to pursue his dream of becoming an airline pilot. Coupled with his love for Arizona’s weather and his family living nearby, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU was the obvious choice. 

“The cool thing about being an aviation management technology major is that I get to fly a plane almost every day of the week and see amazing new places,” Feyen says. “I often fly to Carlsbad in California to get lunch and then fly back in time for dinner in Arizona.”

He knew he made the right choice of major the moment he started the engine of a plane and took off.

Feyen got involved beyond his own studies as an aviation tutor and flight instructor for ASU students. He says becoming a flight instructor was his biggest achievement while at ASU.

“To help mentor and teach those around me has been a very rewarding thing to do,” Feyen says. “It’s always the best feeling to see a student succeed and achieve their goals.”

One of his most memorable projects from his coursework in aviation management technology tasked him and a group of peers with building a mock airline from scratch. The project taught them how to take an airline from a position with very little money and no resources and transform it into a dominant international company.

Feyen credits his mentor, associate teaching professor, chief ground instructor and program chair of aeronautical management technology Marc O’Brien, with helping him succeed.

“Mr. O’Brien has been extremely helpful in all aspects of my development as a student, instructor and person,” Feyen says. “Whenever I have troubles or questions, I go to him, and he helps me get through those situations.”

He also served as the social chair of Alpha Eta Rho, a professional aviation fraternity. He also volunteered at his local church’s coffee shop and participated in a variety of school sports and activities.

“Starting off strangers’ mornings with a smile and a coffee is always a great feeling,” Feyen says. “Volunteering has allowed me to grow as a person and a professional.”

Once he graduates, Feyen will start a job at an airline in June, flying passengers across the United States.

“My degree will allow me to help people on a daily basis and give them memories that they will not forget, all while providing them with safe, comfortable travel,” he says.

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