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Impact Award, Spring 2022

Karla Cosio

Computers. Wearable technologies. Self-driving cars. Those and just about every other electronic device, machine and gadget have sparked Karla Cosio’s curiosity for as long as she can remember.

Her fascination only accelerated during her undergraduate studies.

“I love challenges, and electrical engineering continually challenges me to brainstorm novel solutions to problems,” Cosio says, “and I love that my major has ever-evolving, relevant applications.”

She recalls her habit of reading the instruction manuals that come with electronic products.

“I was interested in them and found I could understand the technical specifications,” she says. “This gave me a certain level of excitement and also a sense of reassurance in my abilities in engineering and of knowing I was on the right path.”

Her education and commitment have been enhanced by teachers like Professor of Practice Steven Millman.

“You can tell he is passionate about the material he teaches and cares about his students learning the material,” Cosio says, noting that Millman’s teaching style also demonstrates that interactions with professional colleagues are more likely to be successful “when they can see that you are passionate about the things you are working on.”

Cosio was an undergraduate teaching assistant for two of Millman’s courses and a tutor in other courses in Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

She was also involved in a joint project that teamed students in the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative and ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society’s Undergraduate Research Fellows Program, in which she was involved in the SolarSpell project led by Associate Professor Laura Hosman.

Cosio also learned much under the mentorship of Fulton Schools Lecturer Ahmed Ewaisha in the Devices and Algorithms Research Experience for Undergraduates Program led by the Sensor, Signal and Information Processing, or SenSIP, Center, directed by Fulton Schools Professor Andreas Spanias

Her numerous educational, research and community activities exemplify the leadership and service contributions that earned her the Fulton Schools Impact Award.

Cosio, who made the dean’s list during each semester of her undergraduate studies, says she also gained important leadership skills outside the classroom and the research lab by teaching Bible studies.

After graduating with a degree from the Fulton Schools and a certificate of completion from ASU’s Barrett, The Honors College, she will do a summer internship with the Micron Technology company before continuing her studies to earn a master’s degree in electrical engineering through the Fulton Schools accelerated 4+1 Program.

Cosio also hopes to encourage other women to pursue engineering careers.

“When young women can see people like themselves in careers they’re interested in, it can really inspire them to see their potential in STEM fields,” she says.

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