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Outstanding Graduate + Impact Award, Spring 2023

Jasmin Falconer

Jasmin Falconer chose to major in electrical engineering because of her passion for physics.

Falconer discovered that she could apply her knowledge of physics to solve practical problems in the field of electrical engineering. She was surprised to learn how diverse the field is and the many ways it affects daily life.

Falconer decided to attend Arizona State University because of the interdisciplinary nature of its learning and research.

“​​I felt that no matter what my interests were, I could find something here that fit them,” she says.

Falconer started at ASU nervous to live outside of her home state of Oregon for the first time. However, she found a home in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, where she started attending school events and made friends she continues to stay in touch with as graduation approaches.

During her time at ASU, Falconer was a student in Barrett, the Honors College, worked as a teaching assistant in electrical engineering Professor of Practice Steve Millman’s class and conducted research in the compact x-ray free electron laser, or CXFEL, facility.

She found this to be one of the most impactful experiences she had during her time at ASU. Falconer names CXFEL team members William Graves, Stephen Jachim and Brandon Cook as instrumental in her professional development.

She also expressed gratitude to Millman.

“Dr. Millman’s support and enthusiasm for my future have helped me to maintain confidence in myself,” Falconer says.

A high-achieving student and researcher, she also received a National Merit Scholarship and a Goldwater Scholarship, which recognizes undergraduate students conducting research in the areas of science, engineering and math.

While on her way to conduct lab work one day, Falconer reflected on her undergraduate experience and realized that there was no other field she would rather be in.

“I found myself looking forward to discussing problems with the other students and engineers,” she says. “That’s how I knew I wanted to continue doing engineering research, even after graduation.”

After she graduates, Falconer plans to pursue a doctoral degree in electrical engineering. Her long-term career goal is to continue electrical engineering research for medical devices.

“It’s exciting to feel like you are a part of something greater that can solve pressing problems in the world today,” Falconer says. “Engineering is a great way to apply skills that feel very academic, such as physics and math, to real issues.”

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