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Outstanding Graduate, Fall 2018

George “Jeff” Heinzelman

After 25 years in the financial services industry, George “Jeff” Heinzelman decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree and broaden his professional acumen.

The unique blend of business and engineering in Arizona State University’s technological entrepreneurship and management program captivated him.

“I felt I could benefit from the fresh perspective of a modern program,” says Heinzelman. “It was an intriguing combination of disciplines, each with their own rigor that would provide a variety of challenges and allow me to apply my professional experience in the classroom.”

Heinzelman took advantage of an online education through the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and the W.P. Carey School of Business. The curriculum helped refine his personal business philosophy around three pillars: people, process and technology.

“My undergraduate experience inspired a personal mission to build teams empowered with a balance of business acuity, knowledge and ability,” he says. “This is powered first by individuals who have an idea.” 

During his program, Heinzelman realized continuing his education taught him three necessary values every new entrepreneur must learn: values of application, success and practice.

His mentor, Jason Bronowitz, a lecturer of technological entrepreneurship and management, embodies these ideals and instills them in his students.

“Jason is genuine in helping others learn,” says Heinzelman. “He takes interest in each student as an individual and routinely plays the role of mentor as he teaches. He helps students employ lessons in ways that are meaningful to them personally.”

Heinzelman plans to take those values with him as he pursues a graduate education. He has applied to ASU’s Master of Science in management of technology program, which will help him build upon the success and fulfillment he’s experienced during his undergraduate education and his time in industry.

In the future, Heinzelman wants to pursue teaching and join a startup incubator in Austin, Texas. He’s interested in exploring a hybrid approach to entrepreneurship that combines teaching, practice and people to propel entrepreneurship in the classroom and beyond.

“This program will provide the experience and platform I need to offer entrepreneurial coaching in the classroom as a teacher and leadership in private industry as I pursue new business creation,” Heinzelman says.

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