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Impact Award, Spring 2024

Emily Aragon

Making an impact in the world through creation is what makes engineering fun to Impact Award winner Emily Aragon, who came to the Ira A. Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University because of the opportunities that were available to her to study something new.  

She chose the technological entrepreneurship and management program because she is interested in both business and technology, and this program provided her with insight into both. 

After a first semester that was difficult due to health issues, it was unclear if she was on the right path. Aragon says that she had her “aha!” moment in TEM 100 Seminar in Entrepreneurship with Assistant Teaching Professor Aram Chomina-Chavez when she realized that she was investing in her future by pursuing this degree program.  

One accomplishment she is most proud of is helping to create a student organization called Women in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management under the guidance of Assistant Teaching Professor Joy Griffin

“Leading the Women in TEM club was an amazing experience which provided me with a unique opportunity to bring quality speakers with experience as women in industry, academia and government to enlighten and connect with students on meaningful diversity, equity and inclusion topics,” Aragon says.

Aragon takes pride in her degree from the Fulton Schools and appreciates all the support her advisors and professors provided to her along the way. She credits Associate Teaching Professor Steve Cho, for being critical to her success in this program.  

She is thankful for receiving the Carolyn and Ernest Hirata scholarship as that helped relieve some financial stress. She also loves that her family was able to be a part of her college experience through events such as family weekend and move-in day.

“My degree matters to my entire family as a first-generation college student,” says Aragon, who even completed her degree in only two years.

Aragon plans to return to her hometown to work in business development after interning at Sandia National Laboratories.

In the future, she sees herself working in the government sector to help improve business operations in areas such as national security.  Aragon also hopes to make an impact on the workforce and pave the way for other women in the field to do the same. 

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