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Outstanding Graduate, Fall 2022

Christian Coleman

Christian Coleman says his most memorable and significant experiences in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University are those he had with the faculty members and fellow students who have “had an impact on my life and have taught me a lot of things about school and about life.”

What he found most valuable in ASU’s engineering community was learning from “people who have the potential to change the world for the better,” he says.

Coleman recalls his engineering capstone project as his most memorable achievement as an undergraduate. It involved seeking ways to aid Black youth in the Phoenix area.

He says that endeavor inspired his aspiration to pursue a career that will involve “working on ways to make life less hard for people” and that his education in the Fulton Schools has prepared him to take on such challenges.

“Engineering has allowed me not only to develop my creative side, but also my logical side, and to help me to understand different aspects of businesses,” Coleman says.

Skills he acquired in information technology, he adds, “will enable me to come up with creative solutions to solve problems. I will then use the money I make to give back to the people around me.” 

Coleman says he chose his major because he wanted to be in a field “that I could grow and change with.” He realized he was on a productive path when his studies gave him opportunities “to learn a lot about things that I did not know existed until now.”

He singles out Teaching Assistant Professor Tatiana Walsh, chair of the information technology program, among those who most enlightened and inspired him.

“Dr. Walsh is an amazing instructor who sees the potential in every student who comes into her class,” Coleman says. “She is someone who will push you and challenge you to get out of your own head and to see things from different perspectives.” 

Armed with the knowledge and insights he gained from Walsh and other teachers at ASU, Coleman says his long-term goal after graduation is to start his own tech company dedicated to “helping people understand what new technology does and to make technology that will help people around the world.”

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