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Grand Challenges Scholar, Spring 2024

Anant Rastogi

When it was time to choose a school to attend, Anant Rastogi chose to pursue a degree in computer systems engineering in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University.

“In addition to my academic aspirations, I sought a university that prioritizes holistic development, and ASU provides an ideal environment for comprehensive growth through service learning, a wide array of clubs and activities, and abundant resources,” Rastogi says. “Plus, the appeal of year-round sunshine at ASU is hard to overlook.”

The Moeur Award winner says his degree in computer systems engineering equips him with a comprehensive understanding of both computer hardware and software.

“[It] enables me to grasp the entirety of product development,” he says. “This perfectly aligns with my ambition to delve into the intersection of robotics and machine learning.”

Rastogi is graduating as a Grand Challenges Scholar through the Fulton Schools’ Grand Challenges Scholars Program

During his sophomore year, he took an embedded systems development course in which he undertook the task of creating a robot capable of simulating a self-driving car.

“This experience served as a pivotal moment, reaffirming my decision to pursue computer systems engineering,” Rastogi says. “It ignited a passion within me to further leverage my programming skills toward crafting tangible products that contribute to societal betterment and aid people in meaningful ways.”

The Barrett, The Honors College student worked on an Engineering Projects in Community Service, or EPICS, project called Foster Arizona. The goal was to develop a social media platform to enable foster families in Arizona to connect with one another. He also served as a camp counselor for E2, the Fulton Schools experience for incoming first-year students.

In the long term, Rastogi’s aspirations include pursuing a master’s degree in robotics with a focus on artificial intelligence.

“Prior to furthering my education, I aim to gain industry experience to enhance my practical skills,” Rastogi says. “Looking further ahead, I envision establishing my own robotics company dedicated to developing solutions that positively impact society.”

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