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Outstanding Graduate, Fall 2021

Alexander Jablon

Alexander Jablon began learning about the construction industry in early childhood, when his parents renovated properties on the East Coast. The family moved to Arizona about a decade ago when Jablon was a middle schooler and his interest in construction kept growing.

“I wanted to keep expanding my knowledge, so I could contribute to projects and eventually lead my own,” he says, adding that the exceptional reputation of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering led him to Arizona State University.

Jablon says his own experience of the Fulton Schools has been equally exceptional. “Each professor in the construction management program shows genuine care and regard for every student,” he says. “Whenever I asked for guidance or mentorship, I was given unique and meaningful advice.”

He also valued getting summer work experience with a small residential construction firm. Jablon says this aspect of his education was a game changer at this early point in his career.

“I assisted in managing crews at two or three projects to ensure that quality, cost, safety and time restraints were all met,” he says. “I was pushed to learn new things, on the spot and every day. Handling a large workload and a lot of responsibility at a young age really helped me to mature.”

Jablon also developed management skills as president of the ASU student chapter of the National Association of Home Builders. “Organizing the day-to-day aspects of the club has been a great learning experience for me,” he says. “Plus, it’s been extremely important to make sure that meeting content stays fresh and enjoyable for everyone.”

Jablon’s focus on others reflects his understanding that construction is driven by relationships, so it’s crucial to create and maintain good connections. “This is a close-knit industry, and everything comes full circle pretty quickly.”

He’s now excited about his career opportunities in Arizona after graduation, and his long-term goal is to operate his own residential construction firm.

“It’s my hope to create an inclusive environment for people from all walks of life,” he says. “I believe great engineering achievements come from great teams, and those teams reflect a great culture.”

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