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Outstanding Graduate, Spring 2024

Alan Dupre

Alan Dupre, who is remarkably graduating with degrees in mechanical engineering, physics, global health and a minor in Spanish, embarked on his academic journey in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU with an objective to develop the skills necessary to tackle complex issues in science.

Alan, who is also a student at Barrett, The Honors College, says he sees mechanical engineering as a great pathway to a field that is integral to nearly every aspect of modern life. 

“I was drawn to mechanical engineering for its diversity and versatility,” he says. “From how we produce and store energy to how we communicate, there are very few things that don’t involve a mechanical engineer at some point in the process.”

At ASU, Alan was at the cutting edge of x-ray technology as a research and engineering assistant to Mark Holl, the chief engineer for the Compact X-ray Free Electron Laser Project, or CXFEL. The first of its kind, CXFEL, was developed to enable scientists to explore the dynamics of materials at a granular level. Alan designed and developed graphical user interfaces to control various devices such as motors, cameras and semiconductor devices like light-emitting diodes.

“My work at CXFEL has enabled me to cultivate and apply a broad set of skills to solve problems,” he says. “Our work led to the largest National Science Foundation grant in the university’s history.”

Alan didn’t just do research and study; he used his time and energy to serve the Sun Devil community and the broader society. He served as a contact tracer with the Maricopa County Department of Public Health where he worked hard to reduce the COVID-19 spread.

“I engaged with diverse communities. It was a unique experience,” he says.

As treasurer of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Alan helped plan and lead various events, including resume workshops, industry speaker presentations and other activities to enrich students’ experience.

“My community engagement has been a vital part of my studies, and I am eager to continue serving the community around me and create opportunities for others using my skills.”

As his undergraduate academic journey comes to an end, Alan plans to pursue an accelerated master’s degree in mechanical engineering through the Accelerated Master’s program at ASU.

“There’s one clear thing: the most impactful advances in engineering won’t be found by one person — they’ll be found by a team of engineers and scientists working together. Being a part of that team is my ultimate goal,” he says.

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