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Award Type: Palais Outstanding Doctoral Student Award

Ashwin Chandwani

Ashwin Chandwani’s doctoral research in power electronics converters led to 12 journal and 18 conference publications and two patents pending or issued.

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Kristen Jaskie

Kristen Jaskie’s research to advance machine learning and deep learning applications is contributing to boosting the potential for these evolving fields to benefit medical, scientific and commercial pursuits.

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Hong Chen

Hong Chen’s depth of knowledge in the field of photonics along with his pure brilliance as a researcher earned him the Palais Doctoral Student Award.

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Junjie Jiang

A standout researcher who excelled in the classroom, Junjie Jiang is this year’s Palais Outstanding Doctoral Student awardee.

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Houqiang Fu

Electrical engineering doctoral graduate Houqiang Fu’s work on gallium nitride power electronics has earned him the 2019 Palais Outstanding Doctoral Student Award for research and academic excellence.

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