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Award Type: Outstanding Graduate

Molly Mays

As a youngster growing up in Colorado, Molly Mays always imagined being on the plane going to exciting, faraway places. Now she is about to receive a degree in aerospace technology management.

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Allison Meyer

Engineering was the right path for Allison Meyer as she has always had a passion for problem solving, math and science.

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Hilary Merline

Hilary Merline says the most rewarding parts of her undergraduate years as a civil engineering major at Arizona State University have been finding her passion and believing in herself.

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Luke Oldham

If Luke Oldham had one superpower, it’d be the ability to touch any book and absorb all the...

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Janice Wallace

Janice Wallace has long been a fan of video games. That gaming background helped her realize software engineering was what she was meant to do.

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