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Award Type: Outstanding Graduate

Michaela Lynn Dye

Michaela Lynn Dye recalls that as a child she “was always asking my parents questions about how things worked or why certain things did what they did.” So mechanical engineering was a natural choice for her.

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Zachary Tronstad

Zachary Tronstad’s most rewarding experiences at Arizona State University have been helping people and finding inspiration to make an impact through engineering.

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Christopher Di Giulio

Christopher Di Giulio wants to lead the world of engineering in a new direction, making an impact at the human-technology interface.

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Wezley Sherman

Wezley Sherman says if he were granted a superpower to apply to his work as an engineer, he would choose “the ability to slow down time,” enabling him to “work on more projects and help more people.”

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Roberta Katherine Bryant

Ever since she was in high school, Roberta Katherine Bryant wanted to be an engineer. From watching every Apollo mission to living just outside the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, aerospace engineering and the space industry called to her.

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