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Award Type: Outstanding Graduate

Aarushi Bharti

A natural leader, Aarushi Bharti positively impacted others and led the Women in Science and Engineering student organization as president during her time at ASU.

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Parin Haresh Trivedi

Parin Haresh Trivedi has excelled in research, participating in FURI and presenting his findings at an American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics conference.

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Wyatt Blackson

Wyatt Blackson conducted biomedical research as a Helios Scholar for TGen and through both FURI and EPICS at ASU. Blackson will continue his education as a chemical engineering doctoral student at Stanford University.

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Kolby Feyen

Kolby Feyen attended ASU to pursue his dream of becoming an airline pilot. He was an aviation tutor, a flight instructor and the social chair of Alpha Eta Rho.

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Taylor Spencer

Distinguished as an exceptional graphic designer, Taylor Spencer plans to put his talents to use, working in branding to develop campaigns that will bring people together.

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