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Award Type: Convocation Speaker

Smita Gopalakrishnan

Smita Gopalakrishnan applied the knowledge she learned in the classroom to real-world health care experiences. Whether in the research lab or as a volunteer, Smita wants to improve the life of others.

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Kathryn Chamberlin

After successful projects at NASA, General Dynamics Mission Systems and The Boeing Company, Kathryn will have another achievement when her designs launch into outer space aboard a NASA telescope in 2025.

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Kelly Mitchell

After earning a degree in business law with a minor in economics, a suggestion from a friend to take an entry-level computer networking class led Kelly Mitchell to find a new career aspiration.

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Danh Truong

With interests in biology and engineering, biomedical engineering was a clear choice of program for Danh Truong, a first-generation student completing his doctorate at Arizona State University.

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