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Award Type: Convocation Speaker

Melvin Gatewood

Melvin Gatewood achieved his decades-long “Star Wars”-inspired dream of getting into the electrical engineering field after serving in the U.S. Navy and working in information technology since the 1990s.

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Yasser Mountasir Dbeis

Computer science and engineering have made many things possible for Yasser Mountasir Dbeis. He has also used his skills to help his peers and refugees in Phoenix.

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Adwith Malpe

Adwith Malpe learned to develop a growth mindset by learning from mistakes rather than avoiding them. Now that he’s graduating with his master’s degree, Malpe plans to help improve technological systems around the world.

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Rachael Shantz

Rachael Shantz comes from a family of aviators so joining the air traffic management program was a natural fit. She looks forward to completing her master’s degree and starting a career as an air traffic controller, while encourating other women to pursue aviation.

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Seline R. Singh

Being a remote learner didn’t stop Seline Singh from creating strong connections with her fellow classmates. As the founder of the Sun Devil Engineers social club, she built a network that benefits traditional and online students alike.

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