Tempe campus' Night of the Open Door 2017 photo gallery

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Tempe campus’ Night of the Open Door 2017 photo gallery

Tempe campus’ Night of the Open Door 2017 photo gallery

Thousands of visitors descended on the Tempe campus on the evening of February 25, 2017, for the final Night of the Open Door of the year, following previous events at the Polytechnic, Thunderbird, Downtown and West campuses earlier this month. As always, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering faculty, staff and students had a slew of activities for guests of all ages, with interactive exhibits on topics ranging from 3D printing, electron microcopy and environmental microbiology to disease detection with smell, the future of photovoltaic technology and rocketry.

Check out the gallery below to relive just a few highlights of the night. 

Big Ideas. New Solutions. Cool Projects. The Fulton Schools opened their doors to welcome thousands of visitors on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017 during ASU’s annual Night of the Open Door. We couldn’t do it without our volunteers! Thank you to all of the Fulton Schools for making Night of the Open Door 2017 a success! Photographer: Jessica Hochreiter/ASU.

Azeem Kahn, 9, takes a turn at the controls of an underwater robot. Photographer: Pete Zrioka/ASU.

Pakistani scholars in the U.S.-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies in Energy program connect with Night of the Open Door goers and fellow fans of renewable energy. Photographer: Jessica Hochreiter/ASU.

Five-year-old Lucas and his sister, Mara Jade, 3, take turns driving a robot around outside of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 4 on the Tempe campus. 

David Probst, a biomedical engineering graduate student, prepares to demonstrate how glucose sensing works while guests look on. Photographer: Pete Zrioka/ASU.

Chemical engineering graduate student Sofia Herrera and molecular and cellular biology graduate student Will Martelly teach Roman Parker, 12, about water filtration, which Herrera studies under chemical engineering Associate Professor Mary Laura Lind. Photographer: Marco-Alexis Chaira/ASU.

Torin, 4, son of a Fulton Schools civil engineering alum, learns how ASU engineers at the Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics (CBBG) create ecologically friendly and cost-effective solutions inspired by nature. Photographer: Jessica Hochreiter/ASU.

The Biomedical Engineering Society uses a giant Jenga game to help visitors explore how medical devices are used in diagnosing diseases. Photographer: Marco-Alexis Chaira/ASU.

The Richardson family pauses for a photo with Sparky in between exciting engineering activities at Night of the Open Door. Photographer: Marco-Alexis Chaira/ASU.

Chemical engineering associate professor Kaushal Rege’s daughter Anjani, 5, learns how to operate a scanning electron microscope to view objects at up to 100,000x magnification. Engineers use nanoscale science and technology to make use of materials 1 to 100 nanometers in range — 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair! Photographer: Jessica Hochreiter/ASU.

Night of the Open Door showcased many student teams, including the Society of Automotive Engineers — one of more than 60 Fulton Schools student organizations — and their formula one car. Photographer: Jessica Hochreiter/ASU.

Ray Tsui, education and outreach coordinator with Nanotechnology Collaborative Infrastructure – Southwest, shows a guest the basics of electron microscopy. Photographer: Pete Zrioka/ASU

Being a Sun Devil runs in the family. Jake Grunewald, 15, son of two ASU alumni, builds a simple circuit in an electrical engineering lab, a taste of what engineers may encounter during their undergraduate electrical engineering lab course. Photographer: Jessica Hochreiter/ASU.

Robotics for Human Movement Science showcases interactive robots that help students and faculty study how the human neuromuscular system works when we interact with the physical environment. Photographer: Marco-Alexis Chaira/ASU.

Charlotte Boardman, 10, participates in an activity that explains the carbon capture process at Center for Negative Carbon Emissions’ exhibit with Shahrzad Badvipour, a postdoctoral scholar. Photographer: Pete Zrioka/ASU.

Joslin Jose, materials science and engineering senior and vice president of the ASU chapter of Material Advantage, teaches a young visitor about the science behind materials we rely on in our daily lives. Photographer: Marco-Alexis Chaira/ASU.

Hayden Boardman, 9, inspects a piece of ballistics gel in the Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 1. Researchers use the gel as a substitute for flesh to determine how far sound and lasers can penetrate to detect disease. Photographer: Pete Zrioka/ASU.

Malin Anderson, age 6 ⅔, models with her solar cell and the finest in lab safety wear in a Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies (QESST) lab photobooth. Photographer: Jessica Hochreiter/ASU.

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