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Fulton Schools faculty members took educational sojourn to Israel

Five Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering faculty members were among the seven Arizona State University educators who joined 16 other college professors from throughout the United States in a travel fellowship program that took them to Israel recently.

Over almost two weeks they met with professors at some of Israel’s leading institutions of higher education, as well as some of the country’s industry and government leaders.  

Some in the U.S. contingent — including Fulton Schools faculty — were able to meet Israeli professors who could potentially become international research collaborators.

The journey took them to prominent sites around the country. See the three photographs below.

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  • The Arizona State University group - giving the ASU Pitchfork hand sign - stands outside the Ziotowski Student Center at the Ben-Gurion University, one of Israel's leading research universities. From left to right are ASU student Candace Lewis, Clinical Assistant Professor Karen Guerrero, Associate Professor Adam Carberry, Ben-Gurion University Professor Shai Kaplan, an ASU graduate and now an ASU-BGU partnership project manager, Assistant Professor Francois Perreault, Assistant Professor Abdel Ra'ouf Mayyas, Assistant Professor Jeffrey Wishart, Assistant Professor Blair Braden, Assistant Professor Jeremi London, and Ingram London. Photograph courtesy of Jeremi London/ASU



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