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Mother, student, designer — now graduate

Mother, student, designer — now graduate

With a degree in graphics information technology, 2019 Fulton Schools graduate Rebecca Sjorup says she’s ready to start her own business. Beyond a technical education, her experience at ASU taught her “that quitting isn’t for me’” and that “persistence and discipline can take you far and even with the countless all-nighters it is so worth it.” Read more: Mother, student, designer — now graduate

New Fulton Schools mechanical graduate Jun Sasaki had a similar experience. “From various soft skills to time management, everything I’ve learned at ASU will be valuable for my personal development,” he says. His recommendation to college students: “Make connections and lifelong friends because these are the people that you will keep around in your life forever.” Read more: ASU mechanical engineering graduate encourages students to get involved

Graduate Jose Guerrero will be seeking a career with the skills he has gained while earning a graphic information technology degree with a minor in film studies. His message: “Don’t be afraid to do what you want to do in life. You only have one life to live and you’re the person living it.” And when you make mistakes, “don’t take them seriously, just learn from them.” Read more: ASU grad sets sights on impacting design and film industries

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