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AZ getting $884M for public transit, airport upgrades

AZ getting $884M for public transit, airport upgrades

Developing public transportation infrastructure is expensive, but the investment is worth the price, experts say. In the Phoenix metropolitan area, for example, thousands of people rely on public transportation to get to jobs and schools. Agreeing with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Fulton Schools professor of civil engineering Steven Polzin says public transit systems are good for local and regional economies. The mobility the systems provide give workers access to a greater choice of jobs, says Polzin, who was a senior adviser to the federal transportation agency. The systems also are better for urban air quality and result in less traffic on roadways.

See also: Fed, state funds for road, street improvements, Arizona Capitol Times, October 28. Polzin talks about how Arizona can benefit in coming years from funding for transportation system improvements provided by the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

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