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Author: Erik Wirtanen

New ASU cybersecurity center to proactively look at protecting data

The Internet has dramatically changed our world. We can now perform our jobs, earn a degree, receive mail and more — entirely online. However, as we have become increasingly interconnected, we have also become more vulnerable to data breaches, cyber attacks and unauthorized network access. Our military, governments, hospitals and financial institutions handle massive amounts of sensitive data, such as Social Security numbers, credit-card accounts, personal medical histories and more. This data is often shared across networks and computers. How do we consistently protect such information, especially when technology is constantly evolving? To address this question, the Global Security Initiative at Arizona State University has launched the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics. The center will take a proactive, interdisciplinary approach to the “wicked problem” of cybersecurity. Gail-Joon Ahn, an expert in security analytics and big-data-driven security intelligence, will serve as the center’s director. Ahn is a professor in ASU’s School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering, part of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. The center’s launch event included speakers from law, business and psychology, as well as Sethuraman Panchanathan, senior vice president of ASU’s Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED). OKED advances research, entrepreneurship and economic development activities at ASU. “ASU’s strength in connecting public and private partners for research, education and innovation allows us to effectively address the most pressing global challenges,” said Panchanathan....

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Girish Jampani: Making the most of his chance and paying it forward

Girish Jampani is a big believer in collaboration. “Earning my master’s degree at Arizona State University taught me that answering the biggest questions requires the coordinated contributions of many talented people, not just me,” said Jampani. During his master’s studies in industrial engineering, Jampani underwent a “radical transformation” in the way he approaches a new enterprise — a transformation he credits to ASU’s “unconventional approach to education.” Instead of trying to answer, “Am I the smartest person in the room?” or, “Is my idea the best?” Jampani says his mentors at ASU taught him to ask: “How can I...

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Industry engagement efforts pay dividends for student career opportunities and the curriculum

  It’s the dreaded question that weighs on every college senior: “What next?” Graduation initiates a new phase in a person’s life, complete with a new set of responsibilities and concerns. Fortunately for students at the Fulton Schools of Engineering, the transition might be a lot smoother thanks to the expanse of opportunities available to work, learn and grow their skill sets through industry interaction. By working with industry in the Valley and around the world, the Fulton Schools provide students with a variety of ways to make connections within businesses and ultimately aid them in finding a career...

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Boeing Innovation Center inspired by eSpaces

  The Boeing Company recently opened an innovative new workspace at their Mesa facility that was inspired, in part, by engineering facilities at Arizona State University. The 4,000 square foot Vertical Lift-West Innovation Center had its ribbon cutting ceremony December 2013. It is the first of several “innovation cells” to be developed at various Boeing locations. In July 2013, Pari Griffith, manager of Facilities and Planning at Boeing Mesa, and several other project administrators visited ASU’s Tempe campus to tour various facilities used by students in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Their goal was to glean some...

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